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Best Plants for Destin Homes


Living on the Gulf Coast definitely has its advantages: not only does your home see warm temperatures year round but it may also have extended periods of some pretty steamy weather. It’s also listed as one of twenty metros building the most residential homes, making it a perfect area for the place you can call home.  

When it comes to choosing plants for your home in Destin, you’ll want to consider weather patterns as it can look quite a bit different from choosing plants in other Florida locations. Check out these best plants for your home that will do great in the climate and conditions that Destin has to offer: 

These colorful beauties are a staple along the Gulf Coast and provide an instant pop of color to any garden. Choose from a wide variety of azaleas that range in color and blooming seasons. Plant them in loose soil that is very well drained. Find a spot in the garden that is partially shaded and isn’t susceptible to wind. Enjoy their spring flowers as well as some fall blooms depending on the variety that you choose. 

Looking for a plant that will add a lot of color and is low maintenance? Caladiums are great to grow in the garden and do well underneath trees or large shrubs that have shaded areas. They can be planted in bulk as bulbs or tubers and will provide an instant blanket of color to your summer garden. Caladiums don’t have many diseases or pest issues and are great to add along a border as well. 

If you are looking for a native plant that already does well in the Destin area consider planting Coontie to add greenery to your garden. Coontie is an evergreen plant that will grow up to 3 feet tall. It does well as a foundation plant in the garden and has an interesting form and shape once mature. The leaves of the Coontie look like feathers as they come out of the ground and have a glossy texture as well. Choosing to plant native varieties in the garden will help to decrease the need for added irrigation as these plants are already well suited for the Gulf Coast climate.

One of the best parts of living on the Gulf Coast during the winter is that you still have a considerable growing season while the rest of the country is closed up for winter. Snapdragons are a great variety to plant for winter growth as they enjoy cooler temperatures and will provide some interest and color to your garden while other plants are dormant. Snapdragons grow between 6 inches to 2 feet tall and are available in a wide variety of colors. Their upright growth provides vertical interest as well making them a great addition to a Destin garden.

Schilling’s Dwarf Holly 
This evergreen shrub is a great addition to a Destin garden as it will provide a solid amount of color year round. Schilling’s Dwarf Holly will grow to be about 4-6 feet vertically and horizontally. It grows quickly and can be a great choice along borders or walkways as well. The holly does best when grown together and the plants quickly form a unified border or barrier with densely leaved forms. Prune the holly to your desired size and enjoy Schilling’s Dwarf Holly as a great choice for low hedges in the garden. 

The Destin area climate provides prime growing conditions for a number of plants. Consider choosing flowers like Snapdragons or Azaleas for your garden in order to provide colorful and fragrant beauty. Other plant varieties that enjoy the steamy Destin climate include Coontie and Caladium that provide instant and long lasting color. Add a nice hedge of Schilling’s Dwarf Holly as well in order to round out these #best plants for your home in Destin. 

This blog was contributed by Raymond Poole, an organic cooking and gardening fanatic. He spends his free time trialing and testing different growing techniques to make his beloved fruit and vegetable garden to flourish to full flavor. He is affiliated with LawnStarter.com, the trusted source for lawn care. 

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Monday, August 6, 2018

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