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Best Fishing Charters for Families with Kids and Teenagers in Destin

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There are several reasons Destin is known as the "World's Luckiest Fishing Village." It is home to the largest and most elaborately equipped fishing fleet in the State of Florida.  In addition, Destin offers the speediest deep-water access than any other Gulf coast community in Florida.  And finally, there are a number of underwater structures that attract fish, resulting in higher volume and size of fish caught.  

While Destin is known for its large fishing fleet some charter services cater more to children and families than others. Choices range from in-shore (Bay) fishing charters to near shore and deep sea fishing in the Gulf. Here’s a few of our top picks for the best fishing charters in Destin for families: 

In-Shore Destin Fishing Charters for Families with Children

In-shore fishing refers to inland bodies of water like bays, bayous, harbors and creeks.  These shallow waters generally remain calm even on windy days, and are perfect for those who prefer calmer waters such as families with younger children.  Light tackle is all that is required but it’s not unusual to land some sizable fish like Bull Redfish, Gator Speckled Trout or even Jack Crevalle. Bait can be live bait or lures.  Fishing can be done from docks, piers, bridges, or banks, but chartering a boat with experienced captain will yield the best results. Great options for family charters include Destin In-Shore Guides and Florida Boy Adventures

Near-shore Fishing Charters for Kids in Destin & Grayton Beach 

Near-shore Gulf Fishing refers to fishing the waters of the Gulf of Mexico that are near or a short distance from the beach.  These fishing trips are less than eight miles offshore, and usually are within three miles.  While this is not deep-sea fishing, it is a great experience for families, providing shorter trips and abundant fishing. Fish of all shapes and sizes can be found in near-shore areas, including King and Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, Blackfin Tuna, Red Snapper, Amberjack, Barracuda, Grouper and several varieties of Sharks.  Bait selection will vary widely depending on what you are fishing for but includes both live and artificial bait. Since there is the  likelihood of catching fish 20 pounds or larger, heavier tackle is required and will be included with your charter fishing trip. While most charters are for six anglers, some larger boats can accommodate more. Trips can be from 4 to 10 hours and priced accordingly. Several family-friendly, near-shore fishing charters launch from Grayton Beach, including Dead Fish Charters and Not a Dog Charters or consider IntraCoastal Experience in Destin. 

Deep-Sea Destin Fishing Charters for Families with Kids and Teenagers

When you hear a fisherman talk about “fishing the blues”, they are referring to the deep blue gulf waters that are more than eight miles offshore.  Also referred to as “Offshore Fishing”, this is the type of fishing that put Destin on the map as the most popular fishing destination on the Gulf of Mexico. These are full-day and overnight charters where anglers come back with trophy-size game fish like Marlin, Sailfish, Swordfish, Wahoo, Tuna, Giant Grouper, Amberjack and more. Heavy-duty professional tackle and extensive knowledge of the water, the weather, the fish and technical skills are what an experienced boat captain and his mates bring to your chartered trip. This is the most expensive fishing trip, but will yield the biggest catches and the most exhilarating experience.  These trips are best suited for anglers who can handle rough waters and adverse conditions.  While there are many great Charter fishing companies, there are few that partner with Newman-Dailey to provide the best experience and rates for our guests, including Charter Boat PhoenixRealin Scripts and Charter Boat Sunrise

Ready to Book A Fishing Vacation?

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See you @ the beach for fishing fun!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

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