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You Earned A Destin Beach Vacation


We recently learned that last year 429 million earned vacation days went unused! This was alarming to us, knowing that there is nothing more precious than taking a vacation with family and friends. In fact, our guests report that a Destin beach vacation was just what their family needed to relax and reconnect.

As part of the US Travel Tourism Association’s Project Time Off, GfK conducted a survey of "The Work Martyr's Children" from July 30-August 10, 2015 of 754 children ages 8-14 and the results revealed children are paying attention. Six in seven kids see their parents bringing work stress home. Further, 75 percent of children say their parent doesn’t fully disconnect from work at home and 61 percent of kids say the way they want to spend quality time with their parents is on vacation.

Kids are pretty smart and we know parents just need help disconnecting from work and making vacations a priority. Here are our "Top 3 Ways to Make Your Vacation a Reality," ensuring you don't waste your hard earned vacation time! 

Get your vacation time scheduled in advance.

Don’t leave your vacation to chance. Look at the next 12 months and get your vacation time filled in on your calendar. Our calendars fill with appointments, meetings and sports events so make sure those vacation days are blocked. By booking your vacation in advance, you’ll get the best rates and the time will be preserved no matter how busy things are at work when vacation day arrives. Some projects will get done, some will not. Most importantly, you gain time to rest, recharge and reconnect.

Get help with your vacation planning. 

One reason that people don’t take all of their vacation is that it takes time to plan. Make planning fun by spreading out the tasks. Assign each family member or friend in the party a piece of the planning. For example, one member can research best places to stay in Destin, one member can research best things to do in Destin and another top restaurants, etc. In addition, while the internet has made searching easy, streamline your search with a quick phone call. Call the local Convention & Visitors Bureau for recommendations and call accommodation providers like the team of vacation specialists at Newman-Dailey to help save time and narrow your search for the perfect place to stay in Destin.

Be flexible with your vacation itinerary. 

Once your calendar is filled with the dates and weeks you will take your vacations, be flexible. Don't get too focused on one particular activity or aspect of the vacation. Maybe you've dreamed of swimming with dolphins at the Gulfarium or taking a helicopter ride over the Gulf or trying Destin's newest sport, fly boarding. There are dozens of scenarios that may affect your trip itinerary so stay flexible and open to modifying your plans. And as one blogger recently shared, it won’t be perfect. But the time together will be perfect. 

Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to not let those precious vacation days go to waste and consider the benefits of a beach vacation. View our premier Destin vacation rentals online or call on of our friendly and helpful vacation specialists at 1-800-225-7652 to help narrow your search.

See you @ the beach during your much deserved vacation!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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